Wohlert de Mexico

Companies In the Group


Founded / Acquired Brand Description
1969 LODI Manufacturing Transmission and Engine Autoparts for Domestic and International Markets.
1997 Autoparts Warehouse Distributor.
1988 / 2009 MAX Assembling and Importing Ignition Autoparts for Domestic and International Markets
1993 / 2003 WDM Manufacturer of Ring Gears, Flywheels and Flexplates for OEM.
1999 / 2009 LODI Foundry Manufacturer of grey casting products.
2009 PDM Joint Venture between LODI and Perfection Hy-Test.  Wholesale of full line of clutch kits for Mexico.
1946 / 2010 Pioneer International Supplier to the automotive remanufacturing and repair /service markets.